Nowadays Penetration testing and Security are at the forefront of many conversations. The growth and scope in these fields are growing repeadly as Hackers/Attackers are also growing along with Information Security and Technology, it has became competion now. Either you find vulnerabilites and patch it or get hacked. Penetration testing is an art and practice of discovering Network and Application vulnerabilities (Exploiting it in order to learn its weakness point and impact) and at last patch it before evil hacker exploit it. Well i’m gonna define top 10 recommended tools for Penetration Tester.


CORE Impact

CORE Impact one of the most useful tool for Penetration testing on Mobile Devices, Networks, Password Identification, Password Cracking, and Applications testing. [Download]

Back Track / Kali Linux

You might be aware of one of the most popular Penetration testing linux distro – BackTrack and Kali Linux. Best known penetration testing OS based on Linux Kernel. The most recent version of BackTrack has come in the form of Kali Linux. Pre-installed penetration testing, hacking, spoofing, snipping, fuzzing and scanning applications. [Download]


Netsparker is well known and popular Web application scanning tools that identifies vulnerabilities, bugs and flaws in Web Application, Server, Code, and sometimes logic too. [Download]


One of mine favorite Web App testing, fuzzing and scanning tool. Burp suite has many features in it like acting as a proxy, HTTP scanning, web app scanning, fuzzing with internal tools, brute forcing and spidering too. Many security experts swear by this software, even though it is not freely available. [Download]


World’s most popular penetration testing framework Metasploit amongs hackers and penetration testers all over the world. It is based on ‘exploit’ concept. Writing exploits, hacking servers, vulnerability testing and it can break pas a system’s security measures. [Download]

John The Ripper

Old is gold, It was first introduced for Unix-based systesm, John The Ripper is considered to be the fastest password cracking tool that you can ever find. Cracking hashes, and many other encryptions. It is widely used by Penetration testers and hackers. [Download]


Canvas is an another useful tool for hacking wireless system, web applications and network. It is loaded with over 400 exploits and multiple payload options. Its highly recommended you to get familiar with its features, advantages and merits. [Download]


Wireshark – Most wanted network monitoring tool compatible with a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD etc… Its mostly used for network protocol analyzis used by ethical hackers and penetration testers today. [Download]


Quite simple, and strategic web application attacking and auditing framework tool that can also be used for fast HTTP requests, injection payloads, and fuzzing etc… [Download]

Cain & Abel

Another best known and popular password, network key cracker available today. Network sniffing, cryptoanalysis, brute force are its forte. [Download]

+5 more recommended tools to Penetration tester :  Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP), Sqlmap, Nessus, Acunetix, and Retina. Hope you liked my article, would appreciate if you drop your comments and share it to increase us. Thank you :) (Reference :