Hie Friends :)

Today I m Going 2 Show U  How 2 Recover U r BackTrack (Linux) OS After Intalling Windows .

This Is A Major Problem Faced By Many Peoples as well as ME also :) .

So I Decide 2 Make A Tut On This Topic On One Of My Frnd Req :)

So Lets Start ....

The Fact Behind It Is..

After Installing the Fresh Copy Windows ..

Windows Overwrite the GRUB File of Linux With Its Own GRUB File ..

Windows Didn't Allowed  any Other GRUB File with It ...

But Linux Allow's Many GRUB File And Combine With IT Because IT OPEN SOURCE :)

So For Recovering The GRUB File of Linux Afrer Intalling The Windows We Have 2 Do 4-5 Simple Steps .

1 :- Download A ISO File Of BackTack And Make Bootable PD or CD (I Used PD) ..

For Making Bootable PD of BackTrack Use Unetbootin Soft Its Very Easy to Use :)

If U want Here The Downloading Link :)

2 :- Insert That PD in CPU . And Change The Setting From Bios Menu To Boot From PD First .

3 :- After Booting the BackTrack OS in Live Mode , Open U r Terminal 

And Type " fdisk -l "

Chk the Drive In Which u Installed U r BackTrack .

4 :- After Knowing the Drive path of U r BackTrack Type 

This " mount /dev/sda7 /mnt "

Here " sda7 " is The Drive path In Which U Installed U r BackTrack ..

RepLace With U r Drive :)

5 : - Now After That Type 

This " grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda "

Now Restart U r Computer Remover U r PD ...Change Bios Setting 2 Default  ..Then Restart Again

And U will Get U r Old BackTrcak With Windows Dual Boot :)