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As We Know .. Now Days All the vBulletin Based Domain Are Hacked Very Badly By The Many Hacker's , Because of Some 0-Day Exploit in vBulletin CMS , Becuase of That The Attacker Can Remotly Add Any Account With Admin Right's in The DATABASE , so That User Can Do AnyThing In That Forum or Domain .
This Vulnerability is Present in 4.x And 5.x Version of CMS


As we Know The Vulnerability is Present in the /install Directory of CMS , So Our AIM is that to Make Secure of /install Dir .
We Can Do it Using 2 Small File ,


Using This File We Can Put Authentication on That Directory Or On Any Directory .
.htaccess file will contain any of the sweet tricks provided in this article, while the .htpasswd file will contain the required username and an encrypted version of your password.

So What The Work Of Admin To Do Here :

1 : Make 1 .htpasswd File in Any Dir With Following Code :


Here User Name : hello
Password : world

You Can Generate User Password From Here Also Online Htpasswd Generator

 (Note : Just Copy The Full Path of .htpasswd File , We Will use it , in Htaccess File)

2 : Make 1 .htaccess File in /install dir With Following Code :

# password protect only for specified CIDR
AuthName "Restricted Area" 
AuthType Basic 
AuthUserFile /home/UserName/.htpasswd 
AuthGroupFile /dev/null 
require valid-user

Now If Any User Visit That Dir Or Sub-Directory of it , Then Have Get Authenticated Page .

Now Here The Normal Exploiter Will Go Back ,
But Here Also The Attacker Can Read The Source Code of the "/install/upgrade.php" on the 401 Error Page by Pressing CLT+U
So Here The Attacker Can Add the Admin User in The Database ,
But Can You Think , If We Apply That 401 Authentication Wala JUGAAD on Admin Panel Menas on admincp Directory
Then The Attacker Cant Get in to Admin Panel with Valid User Also .
lol , Its Troll of Attacker (Big Chutiyapa) :p

So in This Way Hacker will Not Able to Get Into Admin Panel :) 
Hope It will Help to Many Admin's .
So in this Way No Need to Delete The /install Directory Which is Suggested By The DEVELPOERS  :)

Lets See Live Demo On Both Concept 

I Got 2 Video From You-Tube

How To Exploit

How To Secure

Special Thanks N GreetZ >> IndiShell