How To Secure My Domain

Hie Frnd's !
Today i m Going 2 Tell For Those People's Who Have His/Her Own Domain  :)

For Protecting Him-Self From Hacker's , He Have to Do Something Extra Security So Hacker Get Prob 2 Bypass IT ..

Because Now Day's If Your Domain is on Shared Server it is More Easy 2 Hack for the Hacker's .

Because They can Hack Your Domain Very Easily If Symlinking Function is enable in your server ...

So For Protecting You Self From Hacker's , The Best Idea is Use of ".htaccess" File ..

In this You can Make Your Rule .. 
For Eg : You can Restrict Some IP 2 Access Your Domain Or Allow Single IP 2 Access Your Domain .

Here The Code For it : 

//For Allowing Single IP : 

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from 111.222.333.444
//For Disallowing Single IP :

Order Deny,AllowDeny from 111.222.333.444allow from all

If Hacker Get Access in Your Domain , then also we can restrict him 2 execute
his malicious Files n all .
//Disallow to Execute PHP Script 

AddType text/plain.php
AddType text/plain.phps
AddType text/plain.php3
AddType text/plain.php4
AddType text/plain.php5
Options -Indexes
//Disallow CGI-Python n all Script's !

Options -ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-
script .php .php3
.php4 .php5 .phps
.phtml .pl .py
.jsp .asp .htm
.shtml .sh .cgi

//For Allowing Limited Extension & Disallowing All

<Files ^(*.jpeg|
order deny,allow
deny from all

We Can Make N No. of Rule's With 1 Htaccess File ,
That's Y Htaccess File is Very IMP n Powerful .
In this way we can Restrict The Hacker's For Saving Our Domain's :)
In Next TUT i will Discuss More Security Issue .